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Artist Designer or Artist Painter?


Today we speak English :) We often hear 'designer' and 'artist' words but not everybody know the differents between these termins. Luart asked Yulia Alizade to explain.

DESIGNIST: Hi! We know that you paint and also you design, and you are a film director also. How it is possible to be everything in one person?

Yulia Alizade: Hello everyone. Yes. It's possible. Because at the first I'm an artist. It means that I create something new. An artist is an expressionist. We are who we are. We create a piece and it is what it is. Art may be visual art or video art. A designer is a practically skilled professional and he visualizes the solution to a problem using any instrument.

DESIGNIST: So, can artist painter be a designer?

Yulia Alizade: Actually it's simple. If you are only an artist painter you don't need to sale. You just creat. But designer comunicates with client and he does his work looking to client's wishes. When I do my interior project, I always try to understand what does the person want. But of course if you chose me, you need to remember that I'm an artist. So I will do everything not by classic way :) You will need to respect my opinion and provide possebility for to creat. Or you can go to normal interior designer and say him what you want and he will do it.

DESIGNIST: While you filmming is this the same?

Yulia Alizade: Yes. I filmming because it is absouletly the art to me. I adore cinema. I paint because it is the art to me too. I use film or canvas for to show my piece, my art.

DESIGNIST: What will be the fist: idea or customer?

Yulia Alizade: It depends of what you want. Normally I analys my wish. I try to understand if my future picture will be suite for somebody? If it is only my psychodelic fantasy I will not expect saling. But I will contue of course. Just for my happy feelings. But if I plan to sell this picture I will think about quality of materials, price and something like this. I'm a manager also. So I'm lucky :)

DESIGNIST: When we will see your new collection ?

Yulia Alizade: I plan to show my first works not when collection will be completed. So just wait a little.. :)

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