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It's time to come back to Art



I'm Turkish independent artist painter YULIA ALIZADE. I live in Istanbul. Since time I remember myself I had been drawing and painting. All my childhood my the most wished dream was to be a designer. I visited museums and exhibitions with my dear mother. When I became 16 years old I had started working as a graphic designer and studying at the same time. I always kept my finger on the pulse of all events in the art world. After 7 years I felt that I need to do pause because I want to understand what should I do next? Should I be only a graphic designer in public or I must to show myself as an artist painter also?

Feb 2019 is important to me because after three years I gained the courage to officially return to art. I plan combine graphic design and contemporary painting. I decided to write this blog in English and Turkish. Because English is understandable language for all my viewers and Turkish is my the lovest one :)

So follow my website and have a good time looking to my gallery.

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