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Jazz Company performed Kubilay Kan on new year eve show in Elite World Hotel in Taksim


Famous Turkish pianist Kubilay Kan's concert performed in Elite World Hotel in Taksim. The concert organised by Jazz Company and that is why each Friday you can enjoy jazz music performed by the best musicians .

Coming from a family of musicians, Kubilay Kan was born in Istanbul. After graduating from primary school, he entered the Istanbul University State Conservatory full-time music department in 1983. Here, between 1983-1995, Turkey's valuable instructors, Assoc. Having studied form and advanced classical harmony with Dr. Emel Çelebioğlu, composition with the composer Dr. Mete Sakpınar, piano with Dr. Süreyya Baraz and trumpet with Associate Professor Altuğ Öztunç, Kan successfully graduated from the conservatory's wind instruments undergraduate department in 1995.

Kubilay Kan, who made a concert album by working with French musicians in Strasbourg with a scholarship given by the France in 1998, successfully represented her country in France as a pianist-composer-arranger-singer.

After deciding to continue his education abroad, Kan received a special "European Scholarship For International Students" scholarship at the concert held in Paris by the "Berklee College of Music" school, which he attended with his own compositions in 1999, and took the "Berklee" scholarship in Boston, USA. He earned the right to enter the College of Music.

During his education at the Music Production and Contemporary Writing department at Berklee, he had the opportunity to work with prominent instructors such as Prof. Frank Carlberg in the piano, Dan Moretti and Bernardo Hernandez in the orchestration class, and Anne Pecham, Gabrielle Goodman and Adriana Balic in the vocal field.

Kubilay Kan has been working on latin dances and stage choreography with Aytunç Bentürk and Alper Alakut, one of Turkey's most important dance instructors, since 1998.

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