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ALIZADE visited exhibition of Zurab Tseretelli


Turkish Artist Designer ALIZADE visited the exhibition "Magical Realism" by Zurab Tsereteli which had opened in the museum center "Palati" in the center of the city.

Visitors will be able to see 36 works at once - these are paintings, and cheerful enamels, and large-scale sculptures. In recent years, this is the largest exhibition of Tsereteli's works in the Vladimir.

DESIGNIST: Yulia, what is your emotions after this exhibition?

ALIZADE: The basis of Mr.Tseretelli's art is his interest in a person. All his work is an endless story about physical and spiritual life. There are no insignificant, uninteresting models and characters, situations and incidents. It was really interesting to me because I always inspired by people and their feelings too.

DESIGNIST: Wich work you liked more?

ALIZADE: This In addition to enamels and paintings, this time I liked the sculpture "Citizens" more. Because it was as like as I moved to that street, to that city and met this people in real. I did not visit Tbilisi ever before but looking to this sculpture I felt myself in Tbilisi hearing their voices. This is magic of art!

DESIGNIST: Could you tell us something about Vladimir city?

ALIZADE: Of course. It was my first trip to this city. Now I study Art in Moscow. And as soon as it became possible I decided to travel in nearest cities. We spent beautiful weekend there. Our meeting with this city started with breakfast in the most popular restaurant "Panorama". It is incredible place really: brilliant view from the hill to all city, delicious food and well educated stuff. We liked everything so much!

DESIGNIST: By what else did you impressed while traveling in Vladimir?

ALIZADE: I really liked local people and architecture. I recommend to visit this beautiful city and see everything by your eyes.

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