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15 Şubat 2022 'Dünya'da Kadın' projesi resmi olarak sonlandırıldı.


Seria "Woman in the world" officially finished. I felt it because of feeling inside me. It's not only pictures. This is a big project about women's power and possible influence to all world. "Woman in the world" consists of:

Oil paint works

1) Pasaport

2) Waiting

3) Temptation

4) 21.00 PM

5) Freedom

6) Ilıca.Water

7) On the sea side

8) Deniz atı

9) Hausschuhe

10) In the air

Animation short film "Sevil"

Record by first motor biker woman in Türkiye who traveled 1000 km alone

Huge project which started in 2019 and officially finished in 2022 year. Some of this works were already shown in exhibitions and took part in festivals abroad.

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