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'Paradoks' sergisi La Luna Grande Galeri Kadıköyde | ALIZADE exhibition
Turkish artist designer ALIZADE

Turkish artist designer and film director ALIZADE will perform her works in Kadıköy (Istanbul) on 'Paradoks' exhibition organized by Luna Grande Gallery. 
This is a premier show of new paintings 'OWN WORLD' and 'GIRASOL' wich will be performed on the exhibition together with 'Africa (WOMAN) painting. As a surprise the first shoe of 'Vanity' is waiting for viewers on opening ceremony.
(Yulia) ALIZADE - is an artist designer, film director, art historian and educator. Her life consists of many cultures and cities. She spent her childhood in Istanbul, Baku, Moscow, got education in Türkiye,  in the Great Britain, Russia. So ALIZADE - is an artist who has a lot of things to talk with Viewer. 

Opening Ceremony

New seria will be performed at exhibition

Surprise Guest!
First performance of hosted painting 'Vanity'  

"Vanity", paper 65x50 cm, gouache, ALIZADE 2022

"VANITY" - Paper 65x50 cm, gouache, ALIZADE 2022


Yulia ALIZADE Istanbul Paradoks Kadıköy Luna Grande Catalog


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