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Dream (Dilek)

Dreams come true tonight!

 This night all adults become as a children and wait for a miracle.

Feel how amazing this time is. Make a wish 

Dilek / Dream (2021)

Format: Digital

Yönetmen/Written and Directed By: YULIA ALIZADE

Yapımcı/Producer: İSMAİL ÜNAL

LUARTFILM Production ©2021 Yulia Alizade. All rights reserved.

Animasyon kısa film Yulia Alizade kadın

The short fairytale about how much important don't forget dreaming and trust.

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 17.21.48.png

kısafilm yuliaalizade ressamistanbulda bağımsızsanat kadınyönetmen designeristanbul graphicdesignturkey юлияализаде художникализаде turkishartistpainteralizade  юлияализаде yulia alizade ализадеюс 

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