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He is Alive

As thousands years before..!

İstanbul city is as like as father for his citizens. He stays calm and watching what is going around. Just believe He is alive again, as thousands years before..

He is Alive (2021)

Format: Digital

Yönetmen/Written and Directed By: YULIA ALIZADE

Yapımcı/Producer: Yulia Alizade










LUARTFILM Production ©2021 Yulia Alizade. All rights reserved.

He is Alive_Vertical Super-short

The first super-short film by Yulia Alizade

kısafilm yuliaalizade ressamistanbulda bağımsızsanat kadınyönetmen designeristanbul graphicdesignturkey юлияализаде художникализаде turkishartistpainteralizade  юлияализаде yulia alizade ализадеюс 

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