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Yulia Alizade. Türk sanatçı ressam ve film yönetmeni

YULIA ALIZADE is a Turkish artist designer, short film director, art historian and educator, lives in İstanbul, Şişli. ALIZADE will perform her works in Kadıköy (Istanbul) on 'Art is Life' exhibition organized by Luna Grande Gallery.  This is a premier show in Istanbul for 'Waiting' painting wich will be performed on the exhibition together with 'On the sea side' painting. 

WAITING. canvas 100x70 cm, oil paint,ALIZADE 2020.jpg

oil on canvas, 100x70 cm

Have you ever had to wait for an important calling? Excitement and anxiety are replaced by adrenaline joy, and then tears of happiness begin to roll up to the eyelashes. The woman in the paintings is probably waiting for a long time for her beloved's calling. The image of green and red circles from left to right indicates movement, the heels are shown as part of the leg. She's ready! She is waiting! Will they call her?

At first time in a while this painting was been shown in London, and now it will be first show in Istanbul. 

ON THE SEASIDE, paper 30x40 cm, water paint, ALIZADE, 2020.jpg

'On the sea side'
water colour on paper, 30 x 40 cm

This work created in Alanya (Turkey) where ALIZADE spent her holiday in 2019. This painting showed firstly in personal exhibition in Istanbul and after that in London. "On the sea side" became a start to the "Woman in the world" collection.


Opening Ceremony




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